Drainage & soakawaysSoakaways are a method of dispersing water from a building. Without soakaways regular flooding will occur resulting in considerable damage being caused to the grounds and buildings, possibly leading to expensive repair works and, in extreme cases, the demolition and rebuild of buildings. Soakaways are a very important part of the planning of groundworks.



Building Regulations require you to adequately dispose of stormwater from the building. To try and ensure water is dispersed into the ground evenly and quickly you must consider the use of a soakaway in all cases. You must use a soakaway if design criteria can be met. Discharging stormwater into a drain will only be allowed if soakaways or other infiltration methods are not suitable.



  • Soakaways store the immediate stormwater run-off to allow iinfiltration into the adjacent soil
  • They must discharge their stored water sufficiently quickly to provide necessary capacity to receive run-off from a subsequent storm
  • The time taken for discharge depends upon the soakaway shape and size and the surrounding soil’s infiltration characteristics
  • Soakaways can be constructed in many different forms and from a range of materials

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We used to get terrible flooding in one part of our driveway, making it very awkward to get to and from the car in wet weather. Luke explained the problem and carried out the works very quickly. Now our drive is clear of water all the time, even in heavy storms. We can't thank Luke enough - he was great.

Mr & Mrs Patel, Thurrock


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