Basildon Garden Sunken Relaxation Area

We built this beautiful sunken patio / seating area in a Basildon garden after helping the customer make decisions on the exact location, size, depth and which materials to use. Needless to say the customer was very happy with the finished result and has already enjoyed a number of pleasant, relaxing hours of quiet, enjoying the peace.


Project Details

  • Sunken seating area required for relaxation and enjoying the sun.
  • To be built on a slopey, uneven surface with possible cables and drains underneath
  • Finished area to be block paved and contain lighting around the edge

Client Feedback

Absoluteley perfect. It's not exactly where I wanted it to be, however Luke advised of the danger of underground cables. I am very happy with the result and my Wife loves to sit out there reading her books.

Another satisfied customer with jealous neighbours



On initial inspection and research we found we couldn't build the sunken patio area where the customer wanted and advised him to move it 8 feet to the side. Using the mini-digger to dig out the initial work area we built the surrounding support wall from railway sleepers, concealing the electrical wiring for the lighting behind. after preparing the ground we laid the block paving, finished and sealed. Using the customers existing chairs and potted tree we finished the area and allowed to fully settle down before photographing. Another piece we are proud to put our name on.