Refurbished Garden Steps

We recently had the pleasure of revisiting one of our jobs from many years ago - some garden steps built to the customers specification. Over the years the steps had become moss covered and suffered from a general build up of grime. However, after undergoing a thorough refurbishment they were once again looking like new. We were also very pleased to see old work still in a pristine state - it goes to show the standard of work we carry out.


Project Details

  • Clean up the edges of the steps and cut back the plant growth to a manageable level
  • Thoroughly clean the entire length of the steps without damaging the surrounding area or the leading timber edges
  • Rework some of the surrounding area with new plants and shrubs

Client Feedback

After many years I had no hesitation in calling L. Benson & Sons back to clean up the steps. The standard of the original work is still clear and I am amazed there has been no ill effects after all this time. I wanted the steps cleaned as my Daughter is getting married soon and she wanted some photographs taken at this spot in her Wedding Dress. Many thanks to Luke and his team for such high workmanship and the good quality materials they used.

The Client



What a great pleasure to see this customer again after all this time, and to see the steps had been well looked after. I remember the original job, we didn't have a digger then so it was all dug out by hand - makes me grateful that I have diggers now. We trimmed back the plant growth around the edges and pressure washed the stone and wood areas of each step, being very careful of the side edges so as not to damage the edging. We then sealed the cleaned paving and the wooden leading edges, now it looks as good as new. With the additional plants and relaying of the stones to the right of the pathway in the above picture, the entire pathway and surrounding area now looks fit for a bride. We wish the Bride & Groom the best of luck for the future and hope their happiness lasts much longer then our pathway.