Fuully dug out, prepared and blocked paved driveway

With this area previously being laid with tarmac, which was cracking up with grass and weeds growing through, sunken in some areas and raised in others, the customer wanted something special as a lead in to the main house. We delivered with this superb-looking driveway with in-built small garden area to break up the view. Another beautiful driveway for neighbours to be jealous of.


Project Details

  • Remove the old tarmac drive and foundations
  • Clean up the area and dig down deeper for a stronger foundation
  • lay the foundations and ensure preparations are complete for the block paving
  • Lay the block paving with coloured edging and plant the inset garden area

Client Feedback

I couldn't be more pleased, you've just got to look at it to know it's a great job. It's true what they say about neighbours as they've all commented on it. In fact, one of my neighbours has been in touch with Luke about their own driveway. Hopefully we can get the whole street looking this good.

Another satisfied customer with jealous neighbours



On first inspection we were appalled at the poor quality of the old tarmac drive. However, once we removed the surface tarmac and previous foundation materials we dug a little deeper to ensure the drive had a good, solid base underneath. We then laid the base and the block paving. The additional garden area was our suggestion, with the size of the drive it breaks up the single continuous colour and creates a beautiful welcome for guests. Another project we're only too pleased to put our name to.