Replacement Access Path

This beautifully finished access path was laid as a replacement for a Coucil laid slab path. With a well placed bedding are inset this pathway looks stunning and is a lovely welcome to arriving guests.


Project Details

  • Remove the old slabs and re-dig the path foundations
  • Prepare the base for the block paving
  • Lay the block paved pathway with coloured edging and matching kerbing

Client Feedback

I hated this pathway before and kept tripping on raised edges and broken slabs and grass and weeds were growing through. Now I love it, its beautifully finished and flat as a pancake. Luke and his team did a great job.

The Client



This really was a mess when we arrived, and a trip hazard to those using it. We soon removed the danger, dug down a little and laid the pathway base. Once we had laid pathway, edging and kerbing and sealed it we knew this pathway would remain fresh for the customer for years to come. A lovely customer and a pleasure to leave them with something they will enjoy for a long time to come.