Replacement Garden Fence

Having their old garden fence completely collapse in windy weather, L. Benson & Sons went in to replace the rotten wooden fence posts with perfectly straight and aligned concrete ones and, with the installation of concrete base kickboards, this fence will be standing for some time to come - perfect.


Project Details

  • Remove remainder of old fence panels
  • Dig out old, rotten fence posts
  • Install new concrete posts and concrete kickboards on a downhill slope
  • Install new fence panels

Project Gallery

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Garden Fence Gallery

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  • Fence_nearly_complete
  • Fence_start

Common Objectives

  • Remove all debris from old fence panels and wooden posts
  • Install new, aestetically pleasing fence
  • Long-lasting, minimum maintenance fence
  • Cater for downward slope and neighbours garden
  • As little damage as possible to surrounding garden areas

Client Feedback

What a fantastic job, I couldn't have asked for more. I got the perfect fence for my garden and with very little disturbance to mine or my neighbours garden. The thing that pleased me the most? - The price, not nearly as much as I was expecting. Thanks Luke, keep up the good work.

Mr Chivers, Runwell



{jb_iconic_tag}This fence really was a mess when we surveyed the garden, the fence was already partially collapsed and the high winds just finished it off. It was old and rotten. We attended site and immediately disposed of what was left of the old fence, digging out the old wooden stupms and concrete bases. Then, using precise measurements, we dug out the holes for the new, concrete, posts and installed those, ensuring they were were perfectly spaced and vertically straight. The concrete base kickboards went in next and, finally, the fence panels themselves. Apart from a little preservative maintenance to the wooden panels, Mr. Chivers will have nothing to do to maintain this fence for many years to come - And this time, the neighbour benefitted as well with his side of the fence - perfect!