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Refurbished Garden Steps

We recently had the pleasure of revisiting one of our jobs from many years ago - some garden steps built to the customers specification. Over the years the steps had become moss covered and suffered from a general build up of grime. However, after undergoing a thorough refurbishment they were once again looking like new. We were also very pleased to see old work still in a pristine state - it goes to show the standard of work we carry out.

Replacement Access Path

This beautifully finished access path was laid as a replacement for a Coucil laid slab path. With a well placed bedding are inset this pathway looks stunning and is a lovely welcome to arriving guests.

Fuully dug out, prepared and blocked paved driveway

With this area previously being laid with tarmac, which was cracking up with grass and weeds growing through, sunken in some areas and raised in others, the customer wanted something special as a lead in to the main house. We delivered with this superb-looking driveway with in-built small garden area to break up the view. Another beautiful driveway for neighbours to be jealous of.

Basildon Garden Sunken Relaxation Area

We built this beautiful sunken patio / seating area in a Basildon garden after helping the customer make decisions on the exact location, size, depth and which materials to use. Needless to say the customer was very happy with the finished result and has already enjoyed a number of pleasant, relaxing hours of quiet, enjoying the peace.

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